Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Belgium: Iris returns to Airis!

Not big new exactly... Iris, who came second to last in her semi final last year, has decided to change her name back to Airis. When she debuted on the Belgian music scene a few years ago she used the name Airis but decided to call herself Iris for Eurovision..

The reason why she changed is probably because she flopped in Baku. Airis now has a new name and image (to us international fans anyway)... Does this mean she is planning on releasing a new single soon? Hopefully! I do like her and she didn't deserve that result last year, I personally wanted Would You the final. It's a smart move changing her name back like this...

Welcome back Iris and I hope to see some new material from you! Her actual name is Laura! Do you think she deserved that position in Baku?

Still think they should of sent this one instead... ^^


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