Wednesday 4 February 2015

Review: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2015!

Image source - ESCKAZ
Denmark will select their representative this Saturday, so I have decided to do a little review!

Sara Sukurani's Love Me Love Me was composed by Arash (Azerbaijan 2009), amongst others and it's one of my favourites. This song isn't doing very well in online polls though but I hope she can surprise everyone on the night and do well but it's no winner. Sara will open the show. Tina & René's Mi Amore or In A Moment Like This X2 (as some would say) is a decent song and it's catchy but somehow leaves me cold and bored. I don't dislike it but I don't love it either. Would I be disappointed if they won? I think I would be because there are stronger songs although that's just my opinion. The duo do promise us a great performance..

Marcel & Soulman Group have a really good entry but it won't make a big impression. This blogger has two big favourites and Cecilie Alexandra's Hotel A is one of them. She seems to be winning the online polls and it's a unique song. If performed well, it's a contender for sure but I fear the big stage could damage her chances. If that makes sense. The Danish selection normally consists of many decent pop tracks and this year is no exception. Andy Roda and X Factor finalist Babou both have good songs but they aren't memorable enough. They're just OK - nothing more, nothing less.... I do have a soft spot for Julie Bjerre's Tæt på mine drømme. I don't understand a word she's singing yet it brings a smile to my face. Can't see her winning though.. I think the fact she sings in Danish will hinder her chances. Isn't that sad?

Anti Social Media are pretty popular yet their song does nothing for me. It's a bit dated. Anne Gadegaard is the big favourite to win. I do love Suitcase and it was one of the only songs that I kept humming to myself after listening to all the entries. Anne also has the most views on YouTube and is the bookmakers favourite. A winner? Not sure but she will be in the Superfinal for sure. The show will be closed by World of Girls. Summer Without You is very catchy and has a great upbeat sound that I think the Danes might opt for it. And that would not be a bad thing whatsoever.

My Prediction:
Winner - Anne Gadegaard - Suitcase 
2nd Place - World Of Girls – Summer Without You
3rd Place - Tina & René – Mi Amore 

My Personal Top Three:
My Winner - Cecilie Alexandra – Hotel A
2nd Place - Anne Gadegaard - Suitcase 
3rd Place - World Of Girls – Summer Without You


  1. There is no superfinal this year, the Winner of the first voting takes it all :-)


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