Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Wouldn't this be fab?! Anastasia Prikhodko has asked her fans on Facebook if she is worthy of representing Ukraine next year as she's keen to return to the contest. Here's a rough translation of her post:
Last year, Ukraine didn't participate in Eurovision. A lot of the statements were made, both bad and good. We all know the main reason is war and its consequences! But in my opinion a project like Eurovision is notable and important to each European country. Ukraine is Europe, and we need to confirm it. It’s the only way other European countries will perceive us as equals! So in my opinion this year Ukraine has to take part in Eurovision. In 2009 I was already on this forum, but as a representative of another country. My dream is try my hand at Eurovision again, but under the flag of my native country! What do you think, my dear friends? Whether or not Ukraine takes part this year, am I a worthy representative of Ukraine?
You'll regonize her from 2009, when she represented Russia... in Russia. Last year, she vowed never to sing in Russia again due to the ongoing conflict between her native Ukraine and Russia. Her latest song can be enjoyed below:

And who remembers this tune?

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