Thursday, 19 December 2013

Copenhagen 2014: Official logo revealed!

Last night, DR revealed the official logo for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

Pernille Gaardbo, Executive Producer of the show, said:
"Eurovision diamond symbolises what the competition means to us: A hub that is at once sparkling and strong. Diamond has lots of different sides and shows the diversity and the richness that will be on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest," 
Do you like it? I think it's nice although I thought they would do much better than this. But it will probably grow on me. Here's a photograph of the merchandise for the upcoming edition too. 39 countries? Oh! 

#JoinUs: Theme art in 2014

Photographs from DR.


  1. 39 countries is probably a joke. Or an impossible dream (c) Glennis Grace.

    1. I guess so - it would be a miracle if we had 39 countries participating...


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