Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sweden: Alcazar are #1 on iTunes!

JA! Alcazar are already front runners to win Melodifestivalen on 8th March - and they are leading the Swedish charts too. Some people love them and some people hate them, but no one could possibly deny their massive fanbase. Is it time they represented Sweden? They will defiantly be the ones to beat.

Sanna Nielsen (my personal favourite) is currently 2nd in iTunes, while Ace Wilder is 3rd. Other acts that have made the Swedish charts include Anton Ewald, Linus Svenning, Ellen Benediktson, Oscar Zia and Panetoz. It's fantastic seeing acts from Melodifestivalen in the Swedish charts! If only there was that amount of interest in Eurovision here, in the UK... Bonnie Tyler peaked at 93 in the British charts last year. Sigh. Anyway it's clear that Alcazar and Sanna are the favourites to win Melodifestivalen. The second chance round will be held this Saturday and Helena Paparizou will fight for a place in the final. I hope she makes the final. Why didn't she qualify anyway?

I'm actually surprised to see that YOHIO hasn't made the top ten - although his song is rather poor this year and my least favourite. Alcazar to Copenhagen? If the Swedish charts are anything to go by.. then YES! There's only two songs here that are not from Melodifestivalen - very impressive indeed.

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