Thursday, 22 November 2012

Montenegro: Confirmed their participation!

Moments ago it was revealed by ESCToday that Montenegro will participate in next year's contest! Great news, we now have 42 confirmed participants!

They returned in 2012, after 2 years of absence, and many thought that their participation was in doubt! This is not the case however and I am looking forward to hearing their 5th entry! How they will choose the entrant is yet unknown however my guess would be internal! Now it's only Portugal left to decide, as they will announce their intentions tomorrow! C'mom Portugal...

Montenegro has never won but that's down to sending average/awful entries - hope that can change in 2013! Best of luck Montenegro. This is what they returned within Baku...

18:00 CET - I hear bad things coming from Slovakia and Slovenia, stay tuned! :/
19:30 CET - Now nothing has been confirmed in Slovakia, so that could go either way! Slovenia, a decision is expected to make Monday! Portugal are in real danger... Let's hope they will all stay!

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