Monday, 26 November 2012

Croatia: Selection methord announced!

Croatia has announced their selection method for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest! A Klapa will be the genre which will represent the Balkan country, this is traditional Croatian music! Who the singer will be? That will be decided by a national final.

Croatia has opted for a more traditional approach to the contest. HRT have announced the full details of their selection process. All willing songwriters can send their demos in until 25th December. A 3 member professorial jury will select the best and that will be the Croatian song, the artist will be selected by a mini National Final. The Croatian broadcaster, HRT, have been criticised for not sending traditional entries to ESC. The Croatians have not made the final since 2009.

It's very similar to how The Netherlands selected their entry back in 2010. A Klapa is going to represent the Croatians but who the singer will be, is going to be decided at a later date. No dates have been confirmed for this as of yet. I wish Croatia the best of luck next year! The winner is promised a promotion tour and a music video will be made. I think this will be interesting however most fans are not keen on this idea...

Songwriters can send their demos to the following address:

Hrvatska radiotelevizija
Hrvatska televizija
Zabavni program
Za odabir hrvatske pjesme za - Eurosong  2013.“
Prisavlje 3
10000 Zagreb

I loved their 2012 entry....


  1. Looking forward to seeing this. Love a bit of traditional Balkan music! Should be interesting :)

    1. I agree, I just hope the song will be good! :)


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