Monday, 26 November 2012

Portugal and Poland: Withdrawals hits headlines across Europe!

Sky News.
Portugal has confirmed their withdrawal from the 2013 contest because of financial difficulties, partly, and it seems that this has grabbed attention all over the continent.
Well known newspapers like the Daily Mail has covered this news meanwhile Sky News stated how Portugal and Poland just "cannot afford Eurovision". Poland is also mentioned saying how they won't return after leaving last year. However it's not only British pres reporting this news - Portugal withdrawing has spread across Europe including being mentioned in French, Romanian and Irish press. Shaun Walker, from the Irish Independence says how hosting ESC is the last thing on a countries wish list and he also said...
"The annual festival of camp is becoming an expense too far for cash-strapped European countries trying to implement austerity measures."
To celebrate their participation, so lets enjoy the highest scoring Polish and Portuguese ...

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