Thursday, 22 November 2012

Switzerland: Finalists confirmed!

Switzerland will hold a National Final 15th December - where 9 acts will try and represent the country! I must say that the overall standard is low but there are two songs which I adore! Lys Assia and Magdelena Tul failed to make the final - Lys wasn't too pleased about this...

I will post my favourite 3 songs from this selection and my least favourite (this is what I will do before National Finals). I understand not everyone will agree with me but I hope you can appreciate it! The winner will be decided by 100% televoting - how scary :O

1st. Chiara Dubey - Bella Sera!
The best from the average NF! I adore this beautiful song - her vocals are extremely unique and I also find her a lovely person (I'm friends with her)! I think she would be an awesome choice for Switzerland! And who knows? She did come 3rd last year - I just hope she will stand out! 9/10 <3

2nd. Carrousel - J'avais rendez-vous!
Love it! I find this a very cool funky song - It's great! I would love for them to be represented by the duo. However I don't know how this will look on stage as its more of a radio song. It's fun and I hear that many people like it. But will they Swiss? I don't think they will. 7/10

3rd. Melissa - The Point of No Return!
I loved her in the Spanish National Final back in 2011 and I love her now! I find the song pretty good but I don't know if she will be able to pull it off live! Melissa is actually half Swiss, half Spanish - in case you didn't know! But Switzerland does like international starts representing them! Good luck! 6/10

9th (LAST). Anthony Bighead - Do The Monkey!
Never in my life have I heard something so stupid! What a poor excuse of a song - if it can even be called that! If Switzerland sends this mess to Malmo, it will be another dent in the ESC reputation. If they don't choose this - it will still be a NF victory! Even Lys Assia was better than this monstrosity... 0/10

All the best Switzerland - please send Chiara Dubey or Carrousel! 

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