Thursday, 6 December 2012

Belarus: National Final tonight!

The first country to select their entry for Eurovision 2013, is Belarus! Tonight they will select their entrant for Malmo!

The show looks very exiting because the voting results will be live on screen, so we can all see who is in the lead! The following acts will battle for the Belorussian....

01. Vitaly Voronko (“I wonder how you”);
02. Max Lorens (“I love your charming eyes”);
03. Alena Lanskaya (“Rhythm of Love”);
04. Yankey (“Letter to Mother”);
05. “Beaver Band” (“Incredible Girl”);
06. Daria (“Catch Me Again”);
07. Uzari (“Secret”);
08. Alexey Gross (“One Way Love”);
09. “Nuteki” band (“Save me”);
10. Satsura (“Get out of my way”

Who do you want to see Belarus represent by next year? I want Alyona! <3 Here are all of the participants!

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