Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Latvia: Songs released, artists unkown!

Today LTV has released all the competing songs that will take part in Latvian selection! However the artists are yet to be announced, so we can only hear the demos of the songs! I have heard them all and they are surprisingly good!

You can listen to them all here! Will there be any returnees among this list? My personal favourite is I Need A Hero that would make an amazing representation for Latvia! What do you think?

Here are the song titles along with authors and composers:
  • Give Me A Try - Ingars Viļums/Ingars Viļums
  • Upside Down - Filip Lindfors, Bertel Österberg, Kristoffer Eriksson/Filip Lindfors, Bertel Österberg, Kristoffer Eriksson
  • I Am Who I Am – Marta Ritova/Marta Ritova
  • Love – Mārcis Rēdmanis, Lauris Busulis/Mārcis Rēdmanis
  • Phoenix Fly – Kallenberger, Berlin, Lindfors, Malmberg Hård af Segers/Kallenberger, Berlin, Lindfors, Malmberg Hård af Segers
  • Joey – Eric Anjou, Peter Svensson/Eric Anjou, Peter Svensson
  • Let The Night Belong To The Lovers – Erik Anjou/Erik Anjou
  • Never Let Me Go – Jānis Polis/Jānis Polis
  • Love Responder – Edgars Viļums/Edgars Viļums
  • One – Andersson, Hitmanic, James Down/Hitmaniac
  • Higher and Higher – Christof Straub/Christof Straub
  • Good Woman – Dominion man/Dominion man
  • Cold Heart - Jānis Miltiņš/Ieva Sutugova
  • Now or Never – Aleksandrs Rjabčuns/Aleksandrs Rjabčuns
  • Sad Trumpet – Ralfs Eilands, Arturas Burke/Ralfs Eilands
  • Here We Go –  Ralfs Eilands, Arturas Burke/Ralfs Eilands
  • Better Than You – Jurijs Koškins (Yuri Koshkin)/Evilena Protektore
  • The One –  Jurijs Koškins (Yuri Koshkin)/Evilena Protektore
  • Hey, Hey! - Andris Kivičs/Andris Kivičs
  • Fool In Love – Gladnikoff, Gottschalck, Schilling/Liza Petersen
  • I Need A Hero – Fernell, Eriksson, Andersson, James Down/Marcus Fernell, Beatrice Eriksson
  • Here I Am – Patrik Őhlund/Madelene Hamberg
  • Tirpini – Fox Lima/Fox Lima
  • When You’re With Me - Schillebeeckx Raph, Verresen Karen, RF Smith Bruce/Schillebeeckx Raph, Verresen Karen, RF Smith Bruce 
The grand final is due for 16th February! Enjoy Anmary's Beautiful Song...

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