Saturday, 15 December 2012

Slovenia: Participation confirmed!

The Slovenian participation was very unclear and in doubt due to their financial difficulties, however the director of RTV Slovenija has announced that the country will be in Malmo!

There is finally some good news after Bosnia & Herzegovina and Turkey announced that they would withdraw only yesterday.  It is currently unclear how Slovenia will select their entry for 2013 - however an internal selection does look likely given their financial situation! The full list of participants is expected to be released in a few days! There is still a small possibility that Greece... and Bulgaria could withdraw - we will find out soon! I know what you thinking, Bulgaria? Unfortunately they could be joining Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Will there be even more withdrawals? I hope not...

Eva Boto came 17th in Baku....

Here is a screen shot from Twitter (in Slovenian)!

Sprašujete, ali bo Slovenija letos na Eurosongu? Bo!
Udeležba na izboru za Pesem Evrovizije 2013 potrjena RT@markofilli ali bo Slovenija prihodnje leto na Eurosongu? Bo! ;-)

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