Saturday, 12 January 2013

Cyprus: Artist to be announced Tuesday 15th!

Who will represent Cyprus this year? It seems we will know the answer in just a few days time - yep, the artist will be announced 15th January! I'm looking forward to seeing what Cyprus has to offer this year...

There are 5 names which seem to be in the running, these are...
  • Vera Boufi (Anna Vissi's niece) 
  • Filippos Konstantinos (Member of ONE – Cyprus 2002)
  • Giorgos Doukas,
  • Despina Olympiou, 
  • Valanto Tryfonos (Greek NF 2011, Cyprus NF 2006)
No news has been released about when or how the song will be selected! I would love to see Cyprus in the final again, it was great seeing Ivi Adamou doing so well for the country! Here is the amazing Ivi...  Καλή τύχη Κύπρος!

Thank you to Oikotimes for this exiting news :D

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