Thursday, 10 January 2013

Germany: "Glorious" gets a mixed reaction...

Yesterday Cascada released a demo version of Glorious - which is the song they will participate with in this years upcoming German national final!

Their new song is very similar to Euphoria - especially the chorus! But that's not a bad thing, I really like it! However I feel it needs more power, it's very mainstream and for them to stand out it needs more! I'm sure they will do well thanks to their fame across Europe. But there are lots of people which don't like it - it seems to be one of those songs you love or hate, according to the feedback I have read.

The German national final will be held on Valentines Day - Lena and Loreen will perform! This selection is looking incredibly strong! Germany could do extremely well this year but the song needs more power - does that make sense? The official version will be released 8th February! Here it is - what do you think? Could we be going back to Germany? Or will they fall at the first hurdle, and not even make Malmo?


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