Thursday, 10 January 2013

Moldova: Only 15 applied due to the rules!

The Moldovan rules are very controversial this year and because of that, only 15 artists have applied to participate.
Over 50 composers applied for the Moldovan selection however. Artists will not be preforming songs of their own choice; this is why Natalia Barbu has decided to withdraw her application and is offering it to Romania instead. Boris Covali, Cristina Croitoru, Karizma and Cristina Scarlat. have all applied, they have participated in the Moldovan selection before. 

The final will take place 2nd March and semi finals 26th and 28th February but because of the low interest, it's unclear if they will go ahead. Karizma tried in 2011...

Update - 49 artists have applied and 126 songs have applied, the news yesterday from JurnalTV was incorrect! 

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