Sunday, 13 January 2013

Romania: Entry to be selected 9th March!

Romania will be selecting their entry for Euruovision on 9th March, this is also the same day Sweden will be selected theirs.

The Romanian broadcaster, TVR, is now calling for songs! Submissions will close 3rd February - this leaves 3 weeks. Artists will be inviting to hearings,which will take place in several locations over the country:
  • February 6 – Iaşi
  • February 8 – Cluj
  • February 10 – Timişoara
  • February 12 – Craiova
  • February 14 – Bucharest
A jury will select the best 24-28 songs which will participate in semi finals - due to be held 23rd February and 24th February. The final will be held 9th March - 12 acts will fight for the Romanian ticket to Malmo. TVR will announce all the rules and regulations tomorrow. Natalia Barbu has already announced she wishes to represent Romania in the contest - here is the song she will compete with! What do you think?

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