Sunday, 13 January 2013

Armenia: Sirusho to return?

Sirusho achieved 4th in Belgrade with Qélé Qélé - which is Armenia's best position and she could be returning to the contest next year! Wouldn't that be great?

 Gohar Gasparyan, head of the Armenian delegation, stated...
“Anyone can be our representative for Malmö, including Sirusho, we are still discussing".
 This has lead many to think she could be back... Sirusho has recently released a new song which is called PreGomesh which would be perfect for Eurovision! It's modern, catchy and sung in Armenian - it's another Qélé Qélé, and that was awesome! I really think there is a high possibility she will be selected - Armenian and European fans are so exited!

Would you like to see her back? Well... who wouldn't? Listen to hear new single below - it could rock Malmo!

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