Sunday, 13 January 2013

Finland: Review of the UMK hopefuls!

Finland is looking incredibly strong this year,  so I have decided to review each song! I am also doing this for my friend at Life After Helsinki 2007! I think Finland has really upped their game from recent years - could we be heading to Helsinki in 2014? Let's go...

  • Arion - Lost 
This is what Finland does best - ROCK! It's just awesome - the kind of music I like! Unfortunately, I was very underwhelmed by their stage performance - I hope they will be able to improve on that for next week. It's a powerful song which could do very well in the charts, even if it doesn't make ESC! One of my favourites for sure... 9/12

  • Atlético Kumpula - Paperilyhty
Don't get me wrong, it's a really good song, but I feel like something is missing! It has a folk sound which I don't think will do very well. I can't see it doing very well - it's too strange. I would love to see it do well (or at least make the UMK final) but I can't see it happening... 4/12

  • Diandra - Colliding into you!
One of the favourites to win the whole selection here, and I can see why! It's great - she has an amazing voice and with a convincing performance she could win! This would work really well in Malmo, I think, and could bring Finland a top 10 position! If I had one criticism it would be for them to make a "big note" somewhere to give it more power... 8/12

  • Elina Orkoneva - He's Not My Man
The first thing I thought of when watching this was Lena Meyer Landrut! It's quirky and simple! This stands out from all the others, I like it! I don't know how she will do... I don't think she will do very well but I like it! It has a touch of jazz in it too, which is good... 7/12

  • Great Wide North - Flags
This song is called "Flags", rather ironic as I can't see them flying the Finish flag in Malmo! It's not awful but easily forgettable and does not stand out. This is going to be a tough competition so I don't think they will do well. For me it's very average... 5/12

  • Iina Salin - Last Nigh
This is good! It's a funky tune which sounds like it comes from the 1980's. But the best aspect of this is... her voice! She has an awesome vocal - very unique indeed! With a little work this could be epic - it has something! One of the best... 8/12

  • lari Hämäläinen - Sytytä mut vaan
This is very much similar to the Slovakian entry from 2012 - it's rock, but forgettable rock! He also looks like Max Jason Mai. I don't think it's bad but it needs more power to stand out. He is a very good singer, I think it will make the final but it won't win! Still, not bad... 6/12

  • Krista Siegfrids - Marry Me 
I don't know what to say... it's wacky, unique and cheap bubblegum pop but her vocals are amazing! I was expecting this to be really bad live but hell was I wrong! I would not be surprised if Finland sends this - it's catchy and has a good gimmick. Would you marry her? 9/12

  • Last Panda -  Saturday Night Forever
By far, the worst of the selection! It's awful, boring and has nothing exciting to offer! They are not bad singers but the performance sucked! I know there are a lot of people who like this but for me, I can't say anything good about it! Hope they don't even make the final - they don't deserve to, sorry... 2/12

  • Lucy Was Driving - Dancing All Around The Universe 
I can see why people like this but for me, it has nothing special! Another song which we have all heard 100 times before. I don't think this will make the final but if they put up a really good performance - it could make it. No way will we be seeing this in Malmo... 4/12

  • Mikael Saari - We Should Be Through
Every time I hear this it brings a tear to my eye - so beautiful! I adore this, it would be such a shame if he didn't represent Finland! The lyrics touch the heart, the vocals are amazing and he certainly can pull the performance off! I can give this no less than... 12/12

  • Rautakoura - Ilmalaivalla
It's a great song, very different from everything else - which will benefit them! It's typical Finish folk, something we have not been seen much at Eurovision. I don't think it will do very well but I hope it can make the final at least I like it... 7/12

Finland will be selecting their entry 9th February! Who do you want to see them represented by in Malmo? Diaranda, Mikeal or Krista for me! <3 Thanks for following this blog! Leave a comment with your opinion! Let's remind ourselves of what Finland sent to Baku...

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