Monday, 24 March 2014

Introducing 2014: Ireland!

Following an eventful national final, it was decided that Can-Linn feat. Kasey Smith would represent The Emerald Isle. It's fair to say Linda Martin and Billy McGuinness had a little disagreement and y'all can relive that here! Can-Linn feat. Kasey were the clear favourites to win without a doubt so it was no surprise when they won. I also liked Patricia Roe's song. Anyway, Can-Linn are a music group who produced "Heartbeat" and Kasey will perform the song in Copenhagen. Can-Linn is Irish for "sing together". Kasey is a former member of the group Wonderland and also tried to represent Ireland the year before, with Kiss Me.

Ireland are one of my favourites this year! Heartbeat is a wonderful song and I really want this to do well in Copenhagen. I don't like the dancers though, and maybe Kasey should move about a little bit on stage? Her vocal in the Irish national final were very strong. The song has a traditional Irish theme that is combined with pop. It's also very catchy! Will Ireland qualify? Yes, I hope so anyways..

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