Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Introducing 2014: Belarus!

On 10th January, the Belorussian national final was held where TEO won! It wasn't the strongest national final... in-fact there was only one song that I liked. Nuteki should have won with Save Me. But they didn't much to my disappointment  - maybe they will try again next year? Teo's national final performance was pretty average but the song itself has potential.  I hope they are working on a better performance for Copenhagen. The studio version of the song is okay - watch the official video-clip here. It's a pretty catchy song, actually! It has charm.

The original lyrics contained a reference to Google Maps however this has been changed as references to companies and brands violate the EBU rules. So this reference was therefore replaced with new lyrics - "all the maps". But there are no changes to the song itself.. Will it qualify? I don't think so...

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