Monday, 25 February 2013

Hungary: Eight finalists selected, Veca Janicsák didn't make it!

Another semi final concluded last night in Hungary! Both of my favourites,Veca Janicsák and Mohamed Fatima, didn't pass...

The Hungarian selection has been long and at times rather depressing but now we know the eight finalists which will take part in the final this week... Apparently, the results last night proved quite controversial over in Hungary! The final will take place March 2nd!

 Veca Janicsák, the big favourite, received 36 points from the jury and she didn't get enough votes to make it into the final either! It's a shame - but I hope Hungary will know choose Radics Gigi! Here is the final line-up...

  • Agárdi Szilvi-Pál Dénes – Szíveddel láss
  • ByeAlex – Kedvesem
  • Radics Gigi – Úgy fáj
  • Tamás Vastag – Holnaptól
  • Kállay-Saunders – My Baby
  • Keresztes Ildikó – Nem akarok többé játszani
  • Rácz Gergő – Csak állj mellém
  • Cserpes Laura – Élj pont úgy

 I wouldn't mind seeing this win now...

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