Saturday, 2 February 2013

Malta: Entry to be chosen this evening!

It's not only Iceland who will be deciding their entry today, Malta will select theirs too! It's going to be a wonderful show...

Yesterday, 16 participants qualified from the semi final! In previous years, the Maltese selection never finishes until late, so take a nap today and you won't be tired later! Who will represent Malta? One of these...
  • Davinia- “Betrayed”
  • Deborah C- “Love-o-holic”
  • Cris Grech- “Never walk away”
  • Gianni- “Us against the world”
  • Janice Debattista- “Perfect day”
  • Jessika- “Ultraviolet”
  • Domenique- “Too little too late”
  • Dorothy Bezzina- ”Starting from the end”
  • Petra & Richard- “Wonderful today”
  • Gianluca- “Tomorrow”
  • Richard Edwards- “Fall like Rome”
  • Kevin Borg- “Needing you”
  • Scar- ”Superstar”
  • Corazon- “My stranger love”
  • Claudia Faniello- “When it’s time”
  • Amber- “In control”
The show will kick of at 20:45 CET and will last a lifetime... Unfortunately Raquel didn't make the cut. I would love Claudia to win but is the song strong enough? Could Richard Edwards and Petra do it? How about Davina? I have a sneaky feeling Kevin Borg will do well. Amber is also pretty popular, could she do it? We'll see tonight...

 My favourite...

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