Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sweden: "YOHIO will win Melodifestivalen" - say the bookies!

Is he Japaneses? 
The latest odds are saying that YOHIO will have a run away victory on 9th March, according to Svenska spel. He has the smallest odds at only 1.55 (on 27/02/13)!

Ralf follows with 4.00 and then Ulrik with 4.25 - I still think Tell The World I'm Here will win, I'm sure the Swedes will go for it! The ratings have also been really good this year too - Melodifestivalen is the most popular show on Swedish TV (or one of them anyway!). The show is watched by an average of 3.5 million Swedes every week, and even peaked at 3.7 for the second semi final. Overall 37% of Swedes have watched the contest this year at some point so far...

The Swedish itunes are mainly participants from Melodifestivalen (again, like last year)! Sean Banan's Copacabanana is currently topping the Swedish charts - but will he seriously win? I think he'll be top 3, so maybe! It's really between Ulrik, YOHIO and Sean Banan but I wouldn't rule out Louise Hoffsten either! These odds are always changing in Sweden so we don't really know who's leading - unlike last year when it were Loreen VS Danny from the start!

Enjoy YOHIO's offering..

I love this...

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