Sunday, 31 March 2013

Croatia: An English version released with a beautiful video-clip!

Klapa s mora have released an English version of their ESC entry, entitled Hard Times, with a video-clip which show some of Croatia's most beautiful scenery. I now wanna visit Croatia!

The English version is very nice, some bits are hard to understand, but the original version is one hundred percent better! It just sounds much better in it's native toung - more natural. The video-clip is part of the Croatian tourist board, which shows some awesome views and scenery in Croatia! It looks wonderful - I would personally love to visit sometime in the future. Croatia competes in the first semi final and will perform fourth, after Slovenia and before Denmark. Can it qualify? I don't think so, maybe it could squeeze past with help from the jury!

Here's the official video-clip! And the live performance, in Croatian which is so so much better! <3

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