Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Introducing 2013: San Marino!

I have decided to take a look at each entry this year, in a lead-up to the contest! There are 39 countries participating this year, all aiming to win in Malmo (well, some don't wanna win!) Turkey, Portugal, Slovakia and Bosnia & Herzegovina decided to withdraw this year, which was a shame, so lets hope they'll decide to return for 2014! I have drawn all the countries randomly and it seems San Marino will have the pleasure in opening my little series...

Valentina Monetta - Crisalide! 

She failed to make the final in 2012, which was no surprise, but she's back and better than ever! Valentina Monetta has once again teamed up with ESC veteran Ralph Siegel! The presentation of Crisalide was held 15th March and received positive feedback from all across Europe. It's one of the strongest entries this year and I'm pretty sure it'll be the first entry from San Marino to qualify the final. Valentina is a skilled performer and the song last year did her absolutely no favours, even if she did pull it off vocally.

The video-clip is simply stunning, really professional. An English version is going to be recorded but Crisalide will remain in Italian for the contest - I'm pleasantly surprised their sticking to the native tongue. The small republic in Italy have never made the final, I think this years effort is their best - along with Senit from 2011! Here's a sample of the lyrics...
E tu vola, vola, vola via da te,
Sempre sola fino che un riflesso apparirà
With Valentina's superb vocal skills, this be in the final! She will compete in the first half of the second semi final, the draw will be announced Friday so we will know her exact position then - I think it could be great to see this opening the semi... Enjoy!

Valentina Monetta performing last summer.

Her entry from last year...


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