Monday, 18 March 2013

Malmo 2013: Official CD released 29th April!

The Head of Delegations are all currently meeting in Malmo and all 39 entries have been presented officially to the EBU this morning - this NF season is over!

Like every year the CD will be released just before the contest, and I'm looking forward to buying it! The CD is priced at €19.95, rather steep, but you can buy it cheaper on websites such as Play and Amazon - that's what I do anyway! We have also learnt that the running order will be announced 29th March - whatever happens there's going to be some controversy! There's going to be drama! I think it's a good idea but I doubt the broadcasters who get early positions won't... Who knows? Maybe it could work wonders!

All 39 songs are great in their own way, and stay tuned for some introductory series coming soon...

UPDATE - Sweden will perform in 16th position in the final, this has been decided by a random draw. The other Big 5 countries won't be drawn until all finalists are known, on 15th May. :)

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