Monday, 11 March 2013

The Netherlands: Listen to Birds!

WOW! The Dutch entry has just been released - it's so beautiful! Anouk for sure lived up to her name!

Through this radio show, we learnt that Anouk intends to have a choir with her an stage in Malmo - with the spotlight on her for most of the performance. Birds everything I hoped it was going to be plus some. Anouk also said how she was criticised by deciding to compete in Eurovision... This isn't a normal rock ballad, there's something quite mystical and unique about it. Anouk won't be wearing a dress or skirt, it would make her uncomfortable - a suit is more likely! Anouk will rock in Malmo and this will do very well...

The Netherlands is now my favourite - it's miles ahead of everything else this year! Enjoy... <3

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