Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Norway: Adelén taunted online by evil trolls!

This is a shame. Adelén, who placed second in the Norwegian final, has received loads of negative feedback online and some trolls have been really horrible to her.

These horrid trolls told the singer how they hate her and her music, and telling her she can't hold a note - I can understand her vocal performance wasn't the best but is there need to be so horrible? She gave her best and she is only sixteen, so very young. This is what she recently stated (translated from Norwegian)...
“In the beginning, I got hurt by it, since it’s you they’re talking about, I’ve received negative feedback directed at the performance and myself on the comment field on blogs, Twitter, Facebook – yes, really everywhere. Now I do not want to be on social media anymore.”
Show her your support here and here! The official video-clip of Bombo will be released shortly - here's the live version...

Update - The video-clip has just been released! Bravo Adelén - I like it. View the music video here!  

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