Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Interview 2013: Dorians!

Bradley Hill, a good friend of mine, has again allowed me to share one of his interviews! This time he has been speaking to Dorians - the Armenian representatives! To read the original, click here. This is a really interesting interview - and there are some rather interesting answers too including the big money question "Was they going to represent Armenia in 2012 before Armenia decided to withdraw"? Take a look... ^^

Bradley - How does it feel that you are representing Armenia at Eurovision?

Dorians - It’s a real thrill for us to go to Sweden and represent Armenia at Eurovision. Eurovision is not just a song contest for us, it’s a festival, where representatives from different countries get a chance of meeting each other, sharing culture, and, of course, having fun. This is why we are looking forward to spending a memorable time in Malmo.

B - What made you to get involved with Eurovision?

D - Actually Armenian Public Television asked us to represent Armenia at Eurovision and we accepted the request, as we were interested in representing our country at the song contest in an alternative way. 

B - Tell us a little bit about your song?

D - Our song is called “Lonely Planet”. The co-writer of it is Tony Iommi, who is best known as a founder member of the pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Our manager asked him to write a song for our entry and he kindly accepted the request. And what about the lyrics which were written by Vardan Zadoyan and the context of the song; the song is not just about only Planet Earth, it is about all of us. We think that everyone has their own inner lonely planet. So, if we want to live in a better world, each of us has to behave in a way that makes world better.

B - Is it true that you tried to enter Eurovision in 2012 before Armenia withdraws?

D - Yes! We were openly willing to represent Armenia in Azerbaijan. 

B - What is it like that your competing against famous names at such has Cascada and Bonnie Tyler?

D - It’s of course exciting and competing against that kind of famous artists is going to be a great experience for us.

B - Have you watched Eurovision before if so what’s your all time favorite?

D - We follow Eurovision from time to time and we want to thank the song contest for the ABBA. Everybody knows that the band achieved worldwide fame in 1974 when they won the Eurovision song contest and their song "Waterloo" topped charts all over the globe.

B - Have you had a chance to listen or watched the songs from your competitors in Malmo if so whats your favorites? 

D - We’d like to point out the entry of the representative from Malta and also from Italy.

B - Who do you think will be your closes challenger in Malmo?

D - Well, actually our purpose is neither to win, nor to lose in Malmo; we are going to do our best as artists and we are going to try not to disappoint people who love and support us. This is why we don’t find anyone as an opponent for us. We respect all of the representatives from different countries. 

B - Can you win Eurovision?

D - Probably! Why not? :)

B - And Finley would you like to send a message to the readers of my blog and rest of Europe?

D - Hey dear readers, wherever you are, thanks so much for your love and support! Will see you in Malmo

Take a listen to their entry below...

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