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Interview 2013: Natália Kelly!

My friend, Bradly Hill, has interviewed the Austrian representative and kindly allowed my to share it on my blog! His page is here. I will work to bring more interviews from this years hopefuls, and so will Bradly - in a build up to the contest.More interviews will come up soon, hopefully! Here it is...

Bradly - Hi I'm Bradley nice to meet you. 

Natália - Nice to meet you too Bradley! 

B - Can you introduce yourselves to people across Europe?.

N - Hello,I'm Natália Kelly, 18 years old and living in wonderful Austria since I am 5 years old I still go to school and should finish next year. I dance Hip Hop, I play the piano and guitar. Music is my life. My family has a rather international background with my grandmother from Austria, my mother from Brazil, and my father from the USA. I guess that kind of makes my brother and I children of the world!

B - How do use it feel that you are representing Austria at Eurovision ?.

I am extremely happy to be part of the biggest music competition in the world; it's an honour!

B - What made you to get involved with Eurovision ?

N - My producer Alexander Kahr asked me if I would like to take part of the Song Contest Pre-­‐Selection. I thought about it and I decided to go to a meeting with the Selection Team to get more information. After speaking with them I signed up. Three weeks later they called me to let me know I was on the Pre Selection show.

B - Tell us a little bit about your song ?

N - This song means a lot to me! It's my first released single and I’m co-­‐writer, and of course I am very proud of it! I also think that people can identify with this song because we all have our ups and downs in life! It’s about believing in yourself and finding the courage to get back up when you fall down.

B - You was on The Voice Austria in 2011 ?

N - Yes, The Voice is a local Music Competition. It offers he opportunity to be on stage and to start a music career.

B - Whats is like doing Eurovision compared to The Voice Austria ?

N - Well,The Voice is a yearly Contest filled with very talented people of all ages! I just signed up,came with songs I liked to sing and some that I've composed myself! I passed the semifinal and in the final… It was fantastic! Due to this victory I had the opportunity to record a single with my actual producer and to meet Universal Music Austria with which I am working today. The Eurovision is the biggest and oldest international Music Competition in the world with millions of viewers. But for me it's not about competing itself, I love to sing and to share my

B - Have you watched Eurovision before if so whats your all time favourite ?

N - Eurovision is a family tradition,especially for Mother and I.
  • Celine Dion - Nepartez pas sans mo i(1988) 
  • Aleksander Rybak - Fairytale (2009) 
  • Loreen - Euphoria (2012)
B - Have you had a chance to listen or watched the songs from your competitors in Malmo if so whats your favorites ?

N - I like Germany’s, Norway's, Slovenia’s Ireland's, Russia’s and Denmark’s songs but I just mentioned a few because there are so many great entries this year and they have really catchy tunes :)

B - Who do you think will be your closes challenger in Malmo ?

N - I do prefer to concentrate myself in my performance and we will see what happens!

B - Can you win Eurovision ?

N - We all have the same chance and each one of us will do the best to deliver a great Show and if possible to win it.

B - And finally would you like to send a message to the readers of my blog and rest of Europe ?

N - Hi Everyone!! I wish you all the best! Have fun with the show, enjoy the great music that’s going to be presented and when you watch the show and believe that the Austrian entry song is a good one, vote for me. Hugs from Austria :D

B - Thank You for taking your time to answer these questions and good luck in Malmo.

N - Thank you very much!

Thanks Bradly for letting me share this here! ^^ Here's the Austrian clip...

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