Thursday, 4 April 2013

Belarus: "Solayoh" video-clip released!

Alyona Lanskaya has released the official video-clip for Solayoh this morning! Filmed in Istanbul, it was directed by famous Turkish producer Senol Korkmaz

The video-clip is very good, it suits the song - they have taken a modern spin on things with the clip! But the most important thing is that Alexander Rybak features in the video! The guy which won ESC back in 2009  has had a busy year - why? He composed song in the Norwegian selection and features in this clip... It begs the question could he return one year? Try to relieve for hos glory? He was born in Belarus so has deep routes to the country. He said that he wants to see Belarus in the final and...
“I admire you, you are very talented and beautiful girl,”
Enjoy it below!

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