Sunday, 28 April 2013

UK: "Believe In Me" performed live on the radio!

Bonnie Tyler gave a live performance of Believe In Me today and Jesus it is amazing! This woman has the best voice this year, closely followed by Amandine Bourgeois and Zlata Ognevich!

She also have an interview to BBC Radio 2 - you can listen to that here! The guy interviewing said that over 40 countries are participant, you are wrong mister! HAHA! Anyway I can't wait to see this live now, Bonnie has said she will have backing singers in Malmo but no dancers. Thank god for that, dancers just didn't work for The Hump last year. Bonnie said she would love to win it but the most performance aspect is to enjoy it and for her to be happy with the performance! She's already done the UK proud! <3

Bonnie also gave an interview to a British magazine a couple of weeks ago but I just cannot remember which magazine exactly. Here's the live version here, what a great voice...

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