Sunday, 5 May 2013

Denmark: Here's an acoustic version of "Only Teardrops"!

Emmelie de Forest continues to get better and better. Her vocals in the NF were good, in London they was OK and here I think they are amazing. I'm blown away by this. She gives a fantastic acoustic version of Only Teardrops, which is the favourite to win this years edition.

And I think she could do it! Here she's just sitting on the floor, with her friends playing the flute and guitar, but she's been working on her voice and it's really lovely to listen too. Of-course she is dividing people's opinion - didn't Loreen last year? But I do think Denmark could win, it all depends how she copes live. She wasn't on top form in the national final (even though I thought she was still more than OK) but she will be performing infront of 120 million viewers next week - could this stop her filling her full potential? The answer will lie with us soon. Good luck Emmelie!

Here it is...

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