Sunday, 19 May 2013


Last night, SVT treated us to a fantastic show and the winner was Denmark - as predicted by fans and bookmakers. I loved every minute of last nights show, OK maybe not the Romanian performance but everything else was of such a high standard.

Azerbaijan came 2nd, which was a surprise - didn't think it would do that well - and then Ukraine came into 3rd position. I can't help thinking that the giant ruined Ukraine, it was just not needed and looked kinda stupid. Bonnie Tyler came 19th, better than I thought she would do, and I'm quite pleased with that placing. Ireland took the last place, closely followed by Spain. And the Finish "gimmick" flopped too coming 24th. A fantastic year - here's the full results.

1 Denmark 
2 Azerbaijan 
3 Ukraine 
4 Norway 
5 Russia 
6 Greece 
7 Italy 
8 Malta 
9 The Netherlands 
10 Hungary 
11 Moldova 
12 Belgium 
13 Romania 
14 Sweden 
15 Georgia 
16 Belarus 
17 Iceland 
18 Armenia 
19 United Kingdom 
20 Estonia 
21 Germany 
22 Lithuania 
23 France 
24 Finland 
25 Spain 
26 Ireland 

Congratulations Denmark! <3 See y'all in Denmark!!! 

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