Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Estonia: Spanish, Swedish, English and Russian versions released!

I really do like the Estonian entry this year. Yesterday the Spanish and Swedish versions were released and they've gone down very well online...

I especially love the Spanish <3 Maybe that's just because I love everything about the Spanish language - I used to be able to speak it really well but now I'm starting to forget bits... I must brush up! The Swedish version is lovely too - I don't speak Swedish, but love listening to it. And there's even a Russian one I didn't know about too - which is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing this permed live in Malmo - even if the majority of fans aren't fussed with it. I really wanna see Estonia make the final! And... I've just found an English version - any other versions I don't know about? Another minute this afternoon = another language of the Estonian entry I find! LOL!

Here's the Swedish version...

And the Spanish version... <3

And there's a Russian version too... :D


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