Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Netherlands: Armin van Buuren to fly the Dutch flag?

Armin van Buuren, one of the most famous DJ's in the world, has expressed his interesting in representing The Netherlands next year! I didn't expect this.

Anouk came 9th in Malmo, which is the best Dutch result for many years, but will their success continue next year? If Armin van Buuren is selected then Holland will probably do even better - maybe even win? This is exactly what they need if they want to make the final once again next year. When has was contacted by the 3F producers, he informed...
“It depends a bit on whether I will be able to have a good singer on stage, because obviously I cannot sing. I can easily write songs but it would not be very pleasant for you to hear me sing. But if I have something, why not? It would be a dance record. If there is a good record and I get the green light, who knows.”
He'd be fantastic! I love this kinda music, something which we never really hear in the contest and when we do it's of a poor quality. Armin is probably the most famous DJ in the world so if he was to compete - maybe this would even benefit the contests credibility. It's all very exciting, innit? Here's a song he produced with Sharon den Adel - and it's clocked 135 million views on YouTube!

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