Monday, 3 June 2013

Ukraine: The performance that never was!

Apparently SVT rejected the performance for Ukraine (which I have posted below) because it was technically to much to arrange - which is fine but now more unconfirmed, and I stress the word "unconfirmed" suggestions are circulating that SVT wanted Denmark to win the contest so didn't give Zlata this amazing performance as it could have stopped Emmelie from storming to victory.

Instead the Ukrainian performance was not up to the standard of this newly released video - even though I think the final performance was still really good. Maybe there is some truth in what the rumours have been saying? I still think the giant ruined Ukraine's chances, it was not needed and looked kinda stupid - in my opinion ofcourse. I'm gonna say that nothing is confirmed with any of this - pure speculation!

Here's the newly released video, this ending could've won the contest for them IMO...

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