Saturday, 21 December 2013

Ukraine: Entrant for Copenhagen to be decided this morning!

Ukraine will kick off the 2014 national final season this morning, as they will be selecting their representative for Copenhagen! It seems like it's gonna be a three horse race between NeAngely, Victoria Petryk and Nataliya Valevska.

This bloggers favourite is NeAngely and I hope they will win, but I reckon that Victoria Petryk could challenge the duo. Her song is very good and with a bit of work, could be fantastic. Plus her vocals are always super. However I have a feeling that Nataliya Valevskacould may become victorious... we will find out very soon anyways! I'm so excited - Ukraine rarely disappoint.
  • Anna-Maria - 5 Stars Hotel
  • Roman Polonskij - Wanted Dead Or Alive
  • ULI RUD - Tswetok (Flower)
  • Marietta - It’s My Life
  • Stas Shurins - Why
  • Anatoli Shparyov - Waiting For You
  • Nataliya Valevska - Love Makes You Beautiful
  • Lissa Wassabi - No Fear
  • Volodymyr Tkachenko - Buty Tam De Ty (To Be Where You Are)
  • Shanis - Moya Dusha (My Soul)
  • Victoria Petryk - Love Is Lord
  • Evgen Litvinkovych - Strelyanaya Ptitsa (Wounded Bird)
  • NeAngely - Courageous
  • Illaria - I’m Alive
  • Tetyana Shyrko - Let Go
  • Tania BerQ - Believe Me
  • Maria Yaremchuk - Tick-Tock
  • Victor Romanchenko - Na Krayu Propasti (On The Brink Of The Abyss)
  • Anna Hodorkovska - Yesli Yest Lyubov (If There Is Love)
  • Denis Lyubimov - Love
You can watch the show here. The event will kick off at 11:15 CET and is expected to last about two hours. The national final season has started, y'all! It's going to be so much fun!!! 

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