Sunday, 29 December 2013

Wishlist #6: Shany Zamir!

The last time Israel qualified for the grand final was in 2010, but maybe that could change next year. I've always had a soft spot for Shany Zamir. She would be the perfect choice for Israel!

She did actually try to represent her country in 2013 - as she participated in KDAM with Forever. The Israeli public clearly liked her as she won the public televote, although the "professional" jury didn't award her a single point. Overall she came 6th. An unplugged version has also been released. It's absolutely beautiful. You can take a look at on her personal YouTube channel for some great covers - my favourite covers from her include HurtAdagio and Lost.

IBA, the Israeli broadcaster, has announced that their 2014 representative will be chosen internally - with a national final to decide the song itself. It begs the question, will Shany be selected for Copenhagen? The Israeli public clearly liked her in KDAM and she does have an amazing live vocal. It would be fantastic if she did go to Eurovsion... Support her by clicking "like" on her official Facebook page!

Oh and I've just found an awesome cover of Euphoria!!! <3

Photograph from Shany's official Facebook page. 

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