Friday, 10 January 2014

Belarus: TEO takes "Cheesecake" to Copenhagen!

TEO has won the Belorussian national final with a song entitled "Cheesecake" and will therefore represent Belarus in Copenhagen, this May. I didn't watch the show although I have caught up with the performance and I'm kinda underwhelmed...

I can see it's appeal though - but I'm not a fan, but maybe it'll grow on my by May. He reminds me of Robin Thicke actually. The winner was determined by a jury and televote although there was a tie between TEO and Max Lorens & DiDyuLya. But the jury choose TEO to represent the country in Copenhagen... a good choice? We'll see! "Cheesecake" was written by TEO and he has already said that he doesn't plan on changing the song. Although he will have to change the lyrics somewhat as they mention “Google Maps” on several occasions. Remember the Facebook song? Uh-oh! Nuteki came 5th, although in fairness, the lead singers vocals were rather painful to listen to at times. That scuppered his changes, in my opinion!

Enjoy "Cheesecake":

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