Sunday, 26 January 2014

Finland: Running order revealed!

YLE has revealed the running order ahead of Saturday's final. Eight acts are in the running to represent the country and I believe there are three main contenders - Hikka ha Mama, Mikko and Softengine.

The jury have a 50% say so I guess we can count Clarissa and Josh out - unless her vocals have really improved. The song has international appeal I guess but will the Finnish people like it enough to vote? I don't think so, although maybe they will if the performance is good enough. I would love to see Hanna win - but she hasn't got a good draw.. Hukka ja Mama is my favourite by far. Their song is so sweet and it would be fantastic to see the Finnish language represented in Copenhagen.

  1. Softengine – Something Better
  2. Hanna Sky – Hope
  3. MIAU – GodDrug
  4. Lauri Mikkola – Going Down
  5. Madcraft – Shining Bright
  6. Mikko Pohjola – Sängyn Reunalla
  7. Clarissa feat. Josh Standing – Top Of The World
  8. Hukka ja Mama – Selja

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