Saturday, 18 January 2014

NuVidz: Anna Rossinelli, Kallay Saunders András, 4FUN, Stefan Stan feat. TeddyK!

Anna Rossinelli has released a new song entitled Shine In The Light - and this is the song that'll be the official soundtrack to the Winter Olympics in Switzerland. The Winter Olympics kick off in roughly 3 weeks time. You can enjoy the acoustic version of Anna's song here. Kallay Saunders András is already one of the favourites to win Hungary's "A Dal" and earlier this week he released the official video of Running. It would make a very decent Hungarian entry indeed. The Lithuanian group, 4FUN, has released a new song today. I think they are awesome and were grossly underrated in Helsinki. Enjoy their latest offering here. The video has been recorded in a forest and includes a flute solo... it's great! The Romanian national final is already shaping up to be very strong indeed and Stefan Stan with TeddyK will try to represent the country with Breathe. And this blogger loves it! Paula and Ovi's song has been receiving mixed reviews so anything could happen.

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