Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Norway: Mo survived 2011 Utøya massacre!

Mohamed Farah Abdi is one of the fifteen acts who hopes to represent Norway in Copenhagen. The Guardian has reported his personal struggles following the Utøya massacre in July 2011 where 69 people were killed. He managed to survive this terrifying ordeal although sadly lost his best friend.

Mo was a finalist on Norwegian X Factor in 2010 and was at the point of a massive breakthrough although after witnessing the terrifying attack on Utøya island, he has been struggling with post-traumatic stress and has disappeared completely from the public eye. He has now decided to enter Melodi Grand Prix - the Norwegian selection, with a song that has a strong personal meaning. The song he's competing with is entitled "Heal" and is a electro-pop ballad. He said:
"The song's about taking your time to heal. My goal is to inspire people and touch their hearts, that they should never, ever give up."
 It's a heartwarming story. The singer also said:
"It's important to keep your good friends and family around you, and that's what I did. I kept myself around people who really love me. That's the main thing that really got me through these years, and of course all of my supporters who really encouraged me to come back. They were just waiting, and that's really special."
The song will be released on 19th February!

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