Monday, 17 February 2014

Hungary: Eight finalists chosen!

The final line-up has been decided. Two semi finals have been held where eight acts qualified. Kallay-Saunders András seems to be the favourite - but all of the entries are pretty good. Bogi's performance was great and I think she has a chance to win. Joni, who was one of my favourites, was unfortunately eliminated - although she wasn't great live..

These are the finalists:

  • Király Viktor - Running Out Of Time (Chosen by the jury)
  • Bogi - We All (Chosen by the jury)
  • New Level Empire - The Last One (Chosen by public voting)
  • Depresszió - Csak a zene (Chosen by public voting)
  • Kallay-Saunders András - Running (Chosen by the jury)
  • Fool Moon - It Can’t Be Over (Chosen by the jury)
  • Pál Dénes - Brave New World (Chosen by public voting)
  • Honeybeast - A Legnagyobb Hős (Chosen by public voting)

Hungary will select their entry on 22nd February! A Dal has been fantastic this year.

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