Thursday, 13 February 2014

Moldova: "Flying" withdrawn from the national selection...

Boris Covali is one of the favourites to win the Moldovan selection, with the song "Flying" - however the song has unfortunately been withdrawn by his manager. It appears the song "Perfect Day" will replace it, even though "Perfect Day" didn't make the original final 24.

The reason why "Flying" was withdrew from the selection is because of “financial agreements” between the people behind “Perfect Day”, the Moldovan broadcaster and Boris's management. "Flying" was composed by international songwriters consisting off Michael James Down, Jonas Gladnikoff, Primo┼ż Poglajen and Dimitri Stassos. Many fans have expressed their outrage that this song is no longer in the selection... A full statement from the songwriters can be found here. A new version of the song was planned to be recorded in Stockholm - and there were plans for a commercial release too. "Flying" was winning most online polls and was receiving lots of positive feedback from Eurovision fans - although it appears money talks, unfortunately... TRM, the Moldovan broadcaster, and Boris's management have still not commented on the situation! Stay tuned for more - as this story won't go away. The songwriters of "Flying" have said they will be taking legal action. This should be a fair competition and its clear to see that this is not fair whatsoever. It's a disgrace. #TeamFlying.

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