Saturday, 22 February 2014

Spain: National final tonight!

Ahead of tonight's national final, I thought I'd decide to review the finalists. Who will win? Will it by one of the favorites? Or could we be in for a surprise?

Brequette – Más (Run)
Brequette seems to be the biggest favourite! "Mas (Run)" is a strong ballad and it is very powerful indeed. I would not be surprised to see this win at all. I also love the crossover between English and Spanish. This will probably win but I think Ruth is Brequette's biggest competition. I still have a feeling this will come up on top though. Plus I'm sure she'll be great vocally.. and that big note is fantastic. Her song was composed by Thomas G:son. 10/12

La Dama – Estrella Fugaz
La Dama could actually be a dark horse in this competition. But maybe her song isn't strong enough for the Eurovision stage but I really like it anyway. Although her draw isn't great.. I can't help thinking this would benefit from a revamp in English. A very nice song indeed. 7/12

Ruth Lorenzo – Dancing In The Rain
My favourite! Tonight's selection is without a doubt a two horse race between Ruth and Brequette. Ruth's voice is fantastic and I have always wanted to see her in Eurovision. I guess the outcome will be decided by whoever performs the best. She does have a lot of fans and the jury will probably appreciate it... I didn't like it much at first but the revamped version is much better. I la la love it! Although many people will be very unhappy if Brequette doesn't win... 12/12

Jorge González – Aunque Se Acabe El Mundo
A nice summer tune. This won't win but it's very nice to listen nevertheless. Jorge said in an interview somewhere that the song is about having fun even in these tough economic times.. I'm interested to see this on stage- hopefully it won't be ruined by a tacky performance. 6/12

Raúl – Seguir sin ti
#BORING! This is very old fashioned and incredibly boring.. I can't see this winning tonight and I hope he doesn't win. The weakest song in this selection for me. I don't hate it but I don't really like it either. 3/12

Good luck, Spain! :-)

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