Friday, 28 February 2014

UK: Aiden Grimshaw to Copenhagen?

The guessing game of who's represent the UK is almost over.. Aiden Grimshaw sent a tweet out last night which was addressed to @BBC Eurovision - it was probably meant to private message. Although it could have been a publicity stunt? He deleted the Tweet straight away.

He wouldn't be a bad choice whatsoever although the song would have to be good. Aiden came 9th in the X Factor 2010 - and he was one of the favourites to win the whole show. He's released one album which peaked at #19 in the charts. However there is something which I find strange - why would be he contacted the BBC over Twitter anyway? If it is him.. surely he would contact the BBC by email or phone? We'll find out if it's him or not on Monday! Not long to wait now...


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