Monday, 31 March 2014

Introducing 2014: Georgia!

The Shin and Mariko were internally selected to fly the Georgian flag in Copenhagen. Mariko Ebralidze is an experienced jazz singer and The Shin are a fusion jazz band that were formed in 1998. Three Minutes To Earth was released in mid-March. The song has received tons of criticism although I think it has charm - I do kinda like it... I'm defiantly in the minority though. The video-clip itself is very bizarre. I wonder if their performance in May will consist of mannequins.

Regarding Copenhagen, it's hard to say where this will finish. I don't think it will appeal to many people... although I'm confident the jury will appreciate it. Maybe they'll make the final? Semi-final two is incredibly hard to call, I think everyone stands a strong chance of qualify, and that includes Georgia.

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