Saturday, 5 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Austria!

Conchita Wurst was chosen to represent Austria in Copenhagen with Rise Like A Phoenix. Conchita Wurst is the drag persona played by Tom Neuwirth. He is not a transsexual. This decision caused controversy, naturally. A Facebook page was set up against her participation - which currently has over 38,000 likes. Petitions were launched in Belarus and Russia, calling for the national broadcasters to edit Conchita's performance out. Oh dear. Some people are still living in the dark ages, aren't they?

Let's talk about the song. It is a song contest after-all! "Rise Like A Phoenix" is a fantastic ballad. The live performance was brilliant. In 2012, she entered the Austrian national final with That's What I Am. Another great song but her Eurovision entry is much better. Will she make the final? Semi-final two is very hard to call although I think Austria will make it.

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