Thursday, 3 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Belgium!

Axel Hirsoux won over both the Belgian public and an international jury with Mother. The Belgian national final was held on 16th March and Alex received 57.31% of the public vote, in a field of six participants. This is a very strong entry from Belgium. Probably one of their strongest entries ever. I wouldn't say I love it - however I do really like it. His voice is fantastic, the song is a little cheesy though especially the lyrics. Alex has previously entered "The Voice Belgique" - although he was eliminated in the second round.

The national final itself consisted of many great songs. Sil was my favourite with What's the time in Tokyo?. This is a stunning ballad and Sil's vocals are perfect throughout. I also really enjoyed Eva's entry which was entitled Nothing is impossible. Another great song was Need You Tonight, by Yass. However maybe his high notes weren't as strong as they should have been. The Belgian selection process featured a jury of music experts, including the lovely Ruslana. Her favourite was without a doubt Alex! She awarded him 100 points out of 100. Will this qualify in Copenhagen? I expect so, the jury will especially love it.

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